Leading this gallery, the oldest photo we have:
It is hard to stand up and take the bike again after lunch... Monte Aa (1993)
Repairs in the surroundings of the Pozón de la Dolores.
Swinging in the Pozón de la Dolores... we were younger :-)
Killing the time in the train back.
Repairing a bike... without rear brake. Bikes should be ready before coming!!
Sometimes it is difficult to have lunch without getting wet.
Being curious about traditions.
Stop climbing Ucieda mountains.


And another one, because ascent was long.
Someone who stops to admire La Cohilla reservoir.
And the others wanting to take a photo.


Group photo a the door of Santa María de Piasca, in Liébana.
Sometimes mud is a little problem.
But usually it is a chance for fun.
Another pool in El Rostrío.
Our bikes ready to travel by bus.
Group photo with Astillero, Santander and the bay at the background.
Stop in our way in Socabarga, at the bottom of Peñacabarga.
Nice photo in an ancient tide mill in La Maruca. 
And the photo of the last excursion, in Heras reservoir.
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